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Design healthy urban neighborhoods for the 2016 Better Philadelphia Challenge—Win $5K!October 1st, 2015

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The annual Better Philadelphia Challenge is now open for submissions, and in celebration of its decennial, will award two $5,000 cash prizes this year! Although the competition traditionally caters to students only, this year’s contest is opened up to professionals for the first time. Participants are asked to design interventions that would improve public health and encourage active lifestyles amongst residents in the city’s strategically located Mantua/Belmont section, an area chosen as one of President Obama’s first “Promised Zones” for economic development. Registration is free, however, there is a per-entry fee charged at the time of submission. The registration deadline is October 1, 2015 and the submission deadline is October 23, 2015.

October 1st, 2015

October 23rd, 2015



Two $5,000 cash prizes.


We STRONGLY encourage proposals from diverse teams that include individuals from a variety of fields: architecture, urban planning, design (industrial, graphic, etc.), landscape architecture, public health, economic development, real estate law, or other fields which might bring innovative ideas to your proposal. Proposals from diverse teams have historically done best in this competition.


This year’s jurors will remain anonymous until after the winning entries are announced. Past jurors have included: Thomas Corcoran, President of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation; Alexander Garvin, President + CEO of AGA Public Realm Strategies, Inc.; + Alan Greenberger, Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission. The jurors' decision will be final.