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Design Seoul’s new urban space in the Sejong-daero Historic Cultural Space CompetitionSeptember 24th, 2015

Sejong-daero Historic Cultural Space Design Competition, Seoul, Seoul Metropolitan Government, National Tax Service Building site, competition, architecture competition, public space competition

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched the Sejong-daero Historic Cultural Space Design Competition for the redesign of the capital’s former National Tax Service Building Site. The 5,188-square-meter site includes two underground areas and a street level space. Design proposals should consider creative ways to repurpose existing structures, retain a historical and cultural sense of place, link the development with Seoul’s neighboring cultural heritage sites, bolster pedestrian-friendly circulation, and develop attractive public gathering spaces. All professionals, whether from architecture, landscape architecture, or urban design, are welcome to enter; however, at least one member of the team must be a licensed architect (from any country). The winning team will be awarded the design contract. Registration ends September 24 and submissions are due by September 25, 2015.

September 24th, 2015

September 25th, 2015



First Prize (One entry)

Design Contract for the Construction Documentation

Second Prize (One entry)

KRW 40 million

Third Prize (One entry)

KRW 20 million

Honorable Mention (No more than ten(10) entries)

KRW 3 million each


See the website for details.