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Enrich the city of Varna with a design for a trading pavilion—Win 1,500 Euro!August 4th, 2016

Varna, Varna Design Forum, Italcementi Group, Devnya Cement AD, EFFIX Pavilion International Contest, student architecture competition, pavilion design competition

The Varna Design Forum and Italcementi Group’s Devnya Cement AD have launched the EFFIX Pavilion International Contest, an open call for designs of a small trading pavilion that can enrich the urban fabric of Varna. Open to students and young professionals up to 35 years old from around the world, the competition seeks contemporary and inspiring proposals that make use of the innovative materials of Italcementi Group. The first and second place winners will receive 3,000 Bulgarian Lev (1,500 Euro) and 1,000 Bulgarian Lev (500 Euro), respectively, as well as a visit to the “i.lab” research center in Bergamo, Italy. The winning design will also be built. The deadline for project submissions is August 4, 2016.

August 4th, 2016

August 4th, 2016



First place: 3000 BGN (1500 Euro), visit to the “i.lab” research centre in Bergamo, Italy and realization of the project;

Second place: 1000 BGN (500 Euro) and visit to the “i.lab” research centre in Bergamo, Italy.


The participants present their own conceptual designs that must conform to the assignment requirements. Neither participation fee, nor advance registration are needed. Participation is done through the sending of a project by the date specified in the schedule.