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Enter JanSport’s “What’s Your Outdoors?” Contest for a Shot at $10,000August 31st, 2011

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Now through August 31, 2011, enter to win $10,000 in JanSport’s What’s Your Outdoors? Contest! All you have to do is film a 360 degree view of your favorite outdoor spot in about 20 seconds – whether it’s big or small, beautiful, weird, at the top of a mountain, the deep end of a pool, in the heart of the city… basically, as long as there’s no roof, it qualifies!

Once you’ve grabbed your shot, then upload your video to the JanSport website. All submitted videos will be added to a never-ending chain of submissions from around the world, creating a collective definition of what outside really is.

So where is your outdoors?

August 31st, 2011

August 31st, 2011