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Enter the A House For… Competition and Design a Space for Someone Who Inspires YouSeptember 5th, 2013

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OPENGAP invites participants worldwide to explore the boundaries and paradigms of home design for a client of their choice. Entires should encompass a basic housing program and emphasize the identity of the inhabitant in the created space. The chosen client should also be a person of interest and a source of inspiration for the project. This competition is open to all architects, designers, architecture students and other creatives parties, and competitors can subscribe individually or as a team. Cash prizes of up to 2,000 Euros will be awarded to three winners. Submissions are due September 12, 2013.

September 5th, 2013

September 12th, 2013



+ First Prize, 2000 Euro
+ Second Prize, 1000 Euro
+ Third Prize, 500 Euro
+ Mentions, Mentions will not have an economic prize.