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Enter the Belgrade Beton Hala Waterfront Center Design CompetitionMarch 25th, 2011

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The City of Belgrade recently launched an international one-stage architecture competition for the design of the Beton Hala Waterfront Center in Belgrade. The Waterfront Center is envisioned as a principal new access point that will will connect the capital’s riverfront to its historic core by creating a vibrant pedestrian zone in one of the city’s oldest continually inhabited parts. The successful proposal for the Waterfront Center should resolve traffic issues on the site and provide a solution for the barriers between the port and the Belgrade Fortress, taking into account the historic and cultural significance of the city. If you have an idea that can transform this site into a dynamic urban node with a wide-ranging offer of cultural, gastronomic and entertainment activities, then enter it today! Registration closes March 25th, and submissions are due April 28th!

March 25th, 2011

April 28th, 2011



Josep Acebillo, architect, Barcelona, Spain
Dr Kurt Puchinger, architect, Wien, Austria
Dr Darko Radovic, architect, Tokyo, Japan
Roberto Simon, architect, Brazil
Dragan Djilas, Mayor, City of Belgrade, Serbia
Vladimir Lojanica, architect, Belgrade, Serbia
Milica Grozdanic, architect, Belgrade, Serbia
Dejan Vasovic, Deputy Mayor, City architect, Belgrade, Serbia
Dr Ana Miljacki, architect, Boston, USA

The Jury will be composed of seven members. Deputy members will attend all jury sessions without having the right to vote, unless called upon replace a voting member.

The jury shall consider the criteria set by the promoter and establish its criteria for assessing the projects, and examine all entries. Decisions of the jury shall be taken by a majority vote, with a separate vote on each entry. In the event of a tied vote, the President shall have the casting vote. Decisions taken by the jury are final.