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Enter the Live4Sendai Idea Challenge and Submit Your Design Solutions for JapanMay 7th, 2011

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Today Inhabitat and Live4sendai are launching an ideas challenge with for Architecture for Humanity. The Live4Sendai Idea Challenge is seeking design solutions that could provide a remedy to some of the devastating effects resulting from the tragic earthquakes and tsunamis that have recently hit Japan. Designers and non-designers alike are invited to contribute sketches and thoughts for a house/shelter system or a village/community scale project that will serve as a template for a wider design contest for Architecture For Humanity. The goal is to devise a concept that will address the present situation, and the possibility of future earthquakes and tsunamis in Sendai. Entrants should seek to inspire with clear diagrams, sketches, and thoughts, and do not need to provide finished designs – the more ideas the better. The jury will be paying particular attention to modular, low-cost, low-impact, locally sourced solutions. Entries will be accepted until May 7th midnight EDT, and additional jury members will be announced in the future!

May 7th, 2011

May 7th, 2011



Submissions should include two 500KB landscape A4 jpegs and a 300-500 word description with links. Please attach and send a 100 word bio and a photo of you team to [email protected]


Cameron Sinclair, Thomas Ermacora and friends.