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Enter the Plaza Pedro Moreno International Ideas Competition and Get Your Project Built!July 7th, 2012

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CoARQ has just launched its PLAZA PEDRO MORENO International Ideas Competition, an initiative looking for the best architecture and landscape projects designed to improve the quality of living in the city center of Guadalajara, Mexico. The competition is divided into two programs: Program “A” the design of a semi-pedestrian space; and Program “B” a residential building in a 700 square feet estate. The competition is open to all students, architects, interior designers, and urban designers. Prizes of up to $MX 30,000 each will be awarded to three entrants, and the winning project will be submitted to local authorities and investors for its potential construction! The deadline to enter is July 7, 2012.

July 7th, 2012

July 28th, 2012



First place: MX $30,000 Second place: MX $25,000 Third place: MX $20,000 and Five Honorable Mentions.


The project delivery consists in ONLY ONE image in JPG format, 4,200 pixels by 3,600 pixels (horizontal format) and no more than 10MB in size.

The image must include the contestant’s registration code (already received during the registration process) in the bottom right corner with a readable font size and color.

Names of contestants and team members are not allowed on the picture or any kind of pseudonym. The file must be uploaded at Login using the 6 digit registration code and the provided e-mail address, and click on “image”.


The jury will be conformed by three architects whose experience and trajectory proves their capacity and knowledge in architectonic design, and whose identity will be revealed to the contestants at the time.

The jury will include a member of the Academia Nacional de Arquitectura Chapter Guadalajara, whose identity will be revealed to the contestants at the time. Besides the personal criteria of evaluation from each member of the jury, the basic criteria of eligibility will be innovation and relevance; aesthetic qualities of the proposal; modifications to the original architectonic program to benefit the project; functionality and technical feasibility in its construction.