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Enter the Siemens URBAN IDEAS Global Film CompetitionAugust 19th, 2013

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Siemens wants you to show how an innovative product can help us conquer the challenges of urban life! With half of humanity living in cities, urban life is becoming more and more challenging—the growth of urban infrastructure is approaching its limits and eventually, the fight against climate change will be decided in cities. Luckily, exceptional minds around the world are already coming up with inventions that can help us lead a sustainable life in urban jungles. Your mission is to tell the story of an innovation that makes a difference for the individuals in urban cities, while maintaining a strong focus on the personal experiences of an individual. Siemens wants to see human, authentic films that tell a story from a personal point of view, identifying a human hero. Contribute to the conversation on this important topic and share your story! The deadline to enter is August 19th!

August 19th, 2013

August 19th, 2013



Prize pool of $40,000

Video Winners:
1st $12,000
2nd $8,000
3rd $6,000
4th $4,000
5th $3,000
6th $2,000
7th $1,500
8th $1,500
9th $1,000
10th $1,000


Do NOT use any Siemens branding in your film. Make it YOUR film, YOUR story, both in content and style.

Length: ideally under 3 minutes, 3:30 max – sorry, no exceptions!
Format: full HD only.
Be surprising, entertaining and touching.
Focus on the “human element”, make it real.
To enter, participants only need to create a free Zooppa account, upload their video, and submit the required forms. Good luck - we look forward to viewing your submission!