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Enter the Vigilante Architecture Competition and Create an Exhilarating New Public SpaceJune 26th, 2011

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Due to codes, a general lack of public interest, and a slew of other reasons, there just aren’t enough cool and unique spaces in our everyday environment. As designers and everyday people, we’ve certainly all had that moment where we’ve passed a empty space or abandoned site and thought, “That would be a great spot for [insert idea]!” So this year Spacicity is calling for all “design vigilantes” to join their Declaration of Design movement, which asks for inspired ideas that can add artistic and/or architectural value to the ailing built environment. These creations should give way to both a physical and emotional reaction to those who interact with them, and should account for public safety – not create danger or place any citizens in peril. At a time when budgets are being slashed for art programs and architectural projects alike, this is the time to take action through smart design. All concepts, renderings, and photographs of works in progress will be accepted until June 26th, 2011.

June 26th, 2011

June 26th, 2011



Exceptional ideas will be published by Spacicity.