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Enter Your Design for a Temporary Pavilion in the 10Up Competition 2013March 15th, 2013

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The Young Architects Forum of Atlanta (YAF Atlanta), a program of the American Institute of Architects Atlanta, is pleased to announce its fourth annual design competition, 10Up. YAF Atlanta is inviting innovative designers to step up to the 10Up challenge and design a temporary outdoor installation that will act as a beacon for a week of design and architecture events hosted by Modern Atlanta (MA), YAF Atlanta, the Lifecycle Building Center and The Architecture and Design Center. This year also marks the first time 10Up will be installed inside an historic structure, a former factory designed by world renowned architect Albert Kahn. The structure will be installed and operational before and during the MA 2013 Design is Human events currently planned for June 1, thru June 9, 2013. The winning design will be built and published and a cash prized is included.

March 15th, 2013

March 15th, 2013



Winning design will be built and published. Cash prized included.


Design constraints: Two of the three critical dimensions (LxWxH) must not exceed 10’-0”. All aspects of public safety should be accommodated.Construction budget: TBD. Assembly and disassembly should require no more than 24hrs respectively. All site attachment/achoring systems must be design independent to and does not damage site.

Submit the following: Two 24×36 .jpg images at 300 dpi showing the major design elements of the participant’s project. The submission should demonstrate the design’s feasibility for installation within the allotted time and budget constraints. A description of the participant’s project in 500 words or less. No names may appear on the submissions. Submissions that include participant names will not be judged. Email submissions to [email protected] See competition link for complete details.


To be determined.