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Ethnic Fashion Design ContestFebruary 15th, 2011

Eco Fashion Design wants you to help rescue cultural traits from ancient ethnicities from American, African, Asian, Europe, and Oceania through fashion.  Submit up to 2 collections in 4 different categories of clothing.

February 15th, 2011

February 15th, 2011



-A cash prize of about $700 -Awards will be given out for: Best clothing, Best Graphic Design, Best Accessory, Best Footwear, and Best style -The winner will also receive funding for 30 parts of the collection with Eco Fashion Design having exclusive rights to the pieces.


The participants must submit their designs on a space 29.7cm wide by 42cm high. They should also include: 1. a. Name of the collection. b. Design name, brief description of cultural features. c. Technical description and material used. d. Authors, clothing, accessories, shoes, styling applied. 2. The work is accompanied by the following documents: a. Curriculum Summary: Name, date of birth, age, nationality, copy of identity card or passport, education, competitions and parades where he has participated. b. An affidavit submitted that the collection is original and has not been awarded or displayed in exhibitions, publications, events and parades.


1. The jury will be appointed by ECO FASHION DESIGN and consist of the President and Board Members. 2. The President shall have power to appoint a winner in the event of a split decision. 3. Special guests may also be added to the ECO FASHION DESIGN jury.