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FDC Young Designer AwardsJanuary 1st, 1970

The Fashion Designers’ & Craft makers’, Young Designer Awards rewards exceptional design talent, and identify those who have the potential to break through the boundaries of creativity and become fashion leaders of the future. The awards is designed to raise awareness of multi-cultural cutting edge designers, and are open to young people aged 9-25 years who have a passion for fashion, who have an ability to do intensive research and have a natural enthusiasm for the subject.  Each years brief is to design a flamboyant garment, based on a theme chosen by the organisers, entrants will be expected to produce a design that encompasses and takes inspiration from the chosen theme.



Entrants get 2 complimentary tickets to the event and 1 photo of the finished garment. All 3 winners get a chance to enter the main Young Designer Award competition in October and present their collections in October’s show.


Entrants will be expected to source materials and produce their designs themselves, they will be expected to do research on a chosen designer from the past or present day. Judges will look for the candidates who show the most creativity, originality and interpretation of their idea. Young designers aged 9-13 years who feel they may not be able to design a innovate garment from scratch can opt to design a their garment from a T-shirt, the finished design should look like a full length garment. Please note the organisers do not help any young designer to make the entered design and the work must be completed totally by the entrant, the judges will establish that all work has been completed solely by the entering designer.


Designs will be judged by a panel of judges from the world of fashion and the media.