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Gau:di European Student Competition for Sustainable ArchitectureOctober 1st, 2011

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Market Hall: space for social interaction
“The loss of open spaces for communication, interaction and integration as the Market Hall lead to a terrifying poorness of European urban areas. I dream to build the winning gau:di Market Hall as a prototype 1:1 out of recycled material from the Art Biennale 2011 at the venetian Campo San Francesco dell Vigna, near the Biennale Gardens, in September 2012. Venice has a very actual concern: as many other traditional markets in the city´s districts, the historical fishmarket at Rialto risks to be closed…” – Jana Revedin, curator

The conception of a specific integrative social space: a covered market.
Students should choose a site in an existing urban context on which they are to design a small and multi-functional hall which is able to satisfy a range of community needs – market, exhibitions, street theatre and musical performances – as well as simply being a place of meeting and interaction for local residents, the elderly, schoolchildren, workers, etc. at various times of day and night. Students should focus on the social identity of their project and on the quality of its relationship with both the public realm and the local people – as well as on the use of both economic and sustainable materials.

The selection criteria applied by the jury will pay particular att ention to:
• The quality of the analysis in terms of site – needs – program
• The quality and modularity of the projects
• The flexibility of use and structure
• The lightness and rationality of the constructional approach
• The level of innovation in terms of both materials and techniques in relationship with local resources and traditions
• The economical, ecological and recyclable aspects of the project

October 1st, 2011

October 1st, 2011



Presentation of the exhibition at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice followed by touring of the exhibition around Europe.


Candidates / Teams
The competition is open to students registered for the academic years 2010/2011 or 2011/2012 in a school of architecture in a European university. In cases of team registration, at least one member of the team, hereafter referred to as the representative, has to meet these criteria. There is no age limit. A team may only consist of two members.

Candidates may enter independently or within the framework of their university course. If the project is designed within the framework of their studies, students registering for the competition should also note the name of the school and of the responsible teachers, the year of study and the title of the course. Each team is to nominate a representative who meets the criteria mentioned in the previous paragraph.