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Guatemala Affordable Housing CompetitionMarch 28th, 2014

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The goal of this competition is to design a sustainable house for Guatemala’s future. The design should have sensitivity to the climatic conditions, local history and culture. The cost per house is to be capped at $5000. The applicant need not prove the cost, but the project must be deemed feasible by the review panel.

The following questions should be addressed by the entry:

– Are there mass production possibilities?
– Does the design and construction stimulate the local economy?
– Are there ways in which the house can become specific to its inhabitants?
– What materiality is enhancing the design response?
– Is the design flexible- for expansion or varying site conditions?
– How have safety and health issues of the inhabitants been considered?
– In what ways does the design respond to climate, environment and context?

March 28th, 2014

April 7th, 2014



The winning design will be built in 2015.


Design a three bedroom, 1 bath (with shower and toilet) house for Antigua, Guatemala. Maximum 40m2.

Consider the use of seismic stability, soil types, and wind loads in order to develop the sustainability and longevity of Guatemalan housing.

Propose construction without the necessity of electricity or possibly running water. There are some very good materials available in Guatemala for building use. Concrete is the most plentifully used building material, while there are also substantial amounts of various local woods, metal, and steel (including reinforced steel).

There will be a total of four truck loads carrying a maximum of 12- of material.


+ Matt Charney | Chairman of the Board, Architecture for Humanity
+ Ron Dulaney | West Virginia University
+ Michael Murphy | Founder, MASS Design Group
+ David Perkes | Mississippi State University, founding Director of Gulf Coast Community
+ Design Studio and Executive Director of Community Design Activism Center
+ Sai Sinbondit | Adjunct Professor of Art at The Cleveland Institute of Art and 2011 recipient of the Cuyahoga County Arts & Culture Creative Workforce Fellowship
+Kevin Singh | Louisiana Tech University and Executive Director of Community Design Activism Center
+Caroline Van Heerde | President of Constru Casa