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IDEAS WANTED: Praca de Lisboa’s ‘No Rules, Great Spot’ Design CompetitionMay 31st, 2011

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NO RULES, GREAT SPOT is a sentence graffitied on a wall of the demolished Praçade Lisboa, and it is also the motto for a new international ideas competition underscoring the importance of a citizen participation in the process of a city’s rehabilitation. Open to all architects, students and citizens, the NO RULES, GREAT SPOT focuses in on the Praça de Lisboa site that is currently the object of another competition, that has excluded not only the input of architects and citizens from its re-development plan, but any possibility of debate around the essential space of Porto’s downtown. This inspired competition is hoping to press the greater community to become active participants in the discussion of city projects, rather than deferring to the ideas of those who discount the public good. All entries are due May 31st, 2011.

May 31st, 2011

May 31st, 2011



1st Prize - 250€
2nd Prize - 100€ (prize offered by the aefaup bookstore)
3rd Prize - 100€ (prize offered by the aefaup bookstore)


A complete list of jurors can be found here.