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Make Your Mark – Cereplast Bioplastics Symbol ContestMarch 4th, 2011

The leading manufacturer of proprietary bio-based, compostable and sustainable plastics, Cereplast, Inc., recently launched a graphic design contest that offers one up-and-coming designer the opportunity to “make their mark” on the future of bioplastics.The new bioplastics symbol chosen through the Cereplast nationwide design competition will signify for consumers that a product is made from green, bio-based materials. Gary Anderson’s well-known recycling symbol was chosen in a similar design competition in 1970. Anderson and industrial designer Karim Rashid are among the renowned judges on the panel, and they will announce the revolutionary design on the eve of Earth Day 2011.

March 4th, 2011

March 4th, 2011



The winner will receive $25,000. The top 3 finalists will win a trip to Los Angeles, CA for the unveiling of the winning symbol.


Your symbol should be able to be used in similar fashion to how the recycling symbol is used, except instead of indicating that something is made from recycled materials or is recyclable, your symbol should clearly indicate that a product is made from bioplastics. As such, your design should be able to be “single-color” or colorless, and easily identifiable even if stamped on the bottom of a clear plastic bottle, for example. Your design requires variations that indicate the end of life options for the product. “End of life options” means, what do you do with the product when you’re finished using it – do you compost it or recycle it? Your design should be in 3 parts: 1. A general symbol to represent bioplastics 2. A variation to indicate that the product can be composted 3. A variation to indicate that the product can be recycled IMPORTANT NOTE: You must submit all 3 design variations in one image file. The image file must be submitted in JPG, PNG or GIF format. The file size may not exceed 10 MB. The symbol should not exceed 1200 by 1200 pixels.


The voting public will determine the top 50 finalists. Then a panel of judges – including Gary Anderson (creator of the recycling symbol) and top designer Karim Rashid – will select the winning design. The panel of judges is made up of design experts and industry leaders.