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Enter the 2011 Showcase: Shaping Your Community for a Greener Future CompetitionApril 29th, 2011

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Calling all aspiring, young 2D eco-artists and photographers! Sister Cities International is now accepting entries for their 2011 Showcase: Shaping Your Community for a Greener Future, a contest that encourages youth from around the globe to consider the honorable mission of Sister Cities International and express their interpretation of promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, cooperation through one individual, one community at a time. The 2011 theme Shaping Your Community for a Greener Future is an opportunity for youngsters to utilize recycled materials or other 2D media to illustrate the ways they themselves, their community, or their sister city are working to protect the local environment. So are you a young artist ready for your time to shine, or do you know on who has some great ideas? Then enter today – submissions will be accepted until April 29, 2011!

April 29th, 2011

April 29th, 2011



10 Finalists will be selected from the total entries. These 10 pieces of art will be displayed at the 2011 Regional Conference in Riverside, CA and will then begin its international tour to local sister city programs. From the 10 winning works, one U.S. artist and one international artist will be selected as overall winners. Each will be awarded a complimentary registration for the 2011 Regional Conference in Riverside, CA, along with $1,000 toward airfare to the conference or as a cash prize.


Participants must be between 13 and 18 years of age at the time the entries are due on April 30, 2010.

Submissions limit: one piece from the local sister city community and one from each of their sister city partners. Only artwork submitted by a sister city will be accepted.

Each entry must be sent with a completed official entry form and the appropriate fee.

Only two-dimensional artwork, no larger than 24" x 30" (60cm x 75cm), including matting is accepted. Water color, oils, pastels, pen and ink, charcoal, photography, two-dimensional mixed media, as well as computer generated art, are all acceptable media.