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Sort Your Trash Can: Design a User-friendly Trash Can for Sorting Resources and You Could Win €5000October 28th, 2012

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The average Dane generates about 624 kg. of waste per year and only 12% of their daily waste is recycled. Denmark’s largest waste mangement company, Vestforbrænding, wants to increase this amount. By sorting our trash we can reduce our overall solid waste significantly, and many waste handlers already have the facilities to start recycling more resources. Vestforbrænding believes that people are much more inclined to sort their trash if a waste bin is placed close to their house, but having a large waste container just next to your kitchen window isn’t ideal picture of a home. So to bring a stylish element to the act of recycling, Vestforbrænding is inviting inspired creatives to design user-friendly sorting-can in their Sort Your Trash Can design competition. Entries will be accepted until October 28, 2012 and the winning design will receive 5000 Euros!

October 28th, 2012

October 28th, 2012





This is an idea and co-creation competition held on the world's first non profit co-creation platform

You should upload your unfinished brainstorm sketch early in the process - and you also go into the draw for an iPad 3. See the instructions on and also watch the teaser-video.


+ Flexibility: Ove E. Dalsgaard - Chairman of the Board at Vestforbrænding.
+ Context: Tina Saaby - Copenhagen's City Architect.
+ Functionality: Mikal Hallstrup - Chief Visionary Officer Designit.
+ Design communication: Louise Ryberg - Graphic Designer Hatch & Bloom.
+ Behavior change: Pelle Guldborg Hansen - Behavioral philosopher.