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Submit a short film on humankind’s effect on the Earth for a shot at AUD $10,000August 1st, 2016

anthropocene, anthroposcene, Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, National Museum of Australia, LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture, landscape architecture, film competition

It’s undeniable that humans have had a huge effect on the environment—but how much of an impact have we had and how does that affect our future? The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects in partnership with the National Museum of Australia and LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture have launched the AnthropoScene short film competition for answers to that question in the form of a three to four-minute short film. Open to anyone from around the world, the contest seeks short film submissions that focus on the general subject of the Anthropocene, a proposed epoch that started when humans began to have significant global effect on the world’s geology and ecosystems. Judges will preselect six finalists, while the grandprize winner will be determined by popular vote at a public screening. The submission deadline is August 1, 2016.

August 1st, 2016

August 1st, 2016





Entrants can shoot their films on mobile phones or any other device.

Where copyright permits entrants are able to use any combination of image, text and sound.

Each film must have a title and all credits are to be included in the film.

All films for previewing purposes must be uploaded to vimeo at link (and password, if applicable) of your vimeo preview copy is to be shared via email to [email protected] by 5.00pm EST on 1st August 2016, and should be accompanied by the entry form.

If you are selected to be one of the 6 finalists, we will require that your film be properly exported in the following format so that we can show them at National Museum of Australia.


Richard Weller: Chair of Landscape Architecture and Urbanism, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Paul Carter: Author and Artist, RMIT, Melbourne

Liam Young: Architect + Futurist, London

Silvia Benedito: Landscape Architecture + Media, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Cambridge

Aroussiak Gabrielian: Landscape Architecture + Media, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Tatum Hands: Editor in Chief, LA+ Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Kirsten Wehner: visual anthropologist + head curator, National Museum of Australia