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Submit Your Designs for Moscow’s Riverfront Urban Design Competition!September 12th, 2014

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Moscow just launched an international design competition to transform the hilly embankments along the Moscow River into a series of environmentally friendly urban spaces. Following in the footsteps of other successful riverfront revitalization projects, the Moscow River design competition hopes redevelopment will improve urban connectivity and recreate the image of the city’s main waterway from that of a barrier into a social and economic hub. The two-stage competition is open to international professionals in urban planning, architecture, and other related fields. After the first qualifying round, the jury will award six design teams with 4 million rubles (~$111,000 USD) to further develop their design concepts. The winning team, which will be determined at the end of 2014, will be hired on as a consultant for the riverfront project.

September 12th, 2014

September 12th, 2014



Each of the 6 teams selected to take part in the second round will be paid a reward of 4 million rubles (~$110,000 USD) with VAT as a compensation for the development of a concept.

The winner will be involved as a consultant in the further development of the project. The terms will be determined in the separate contract. The fee of the contract is 6 000 000 (six million) rubles.


The competition is open to all professionals in in the field of urban planning , architecture which can bring specialists in the field of transport infrastructure, cultural programming, economics, sociology and ecology in the team. More submission guidelines can be found here:


Marat Husnullin

Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow government on urban planning and construction;

Natalia Sergunina

Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government on economic policy and land property;

Sergey Kuznetsov

The Chief Architect of the Moscow city;

Sergey Kapkov

Minister of the Moscow Government, the head of the Moscow Department of culture;

Alexandr Kibovskiy

Minister of the Moscow Government, the head of the Moscow Department of cultural heritage.;

Anton Kulbachevskiy

The head of the Moscow Department of natural resources and environment.;

Oleg Shapiro

Candidate of architecture, partner of the architectural bureau Wowhaus.;

Kristin Feireiss

Architecture critic and expert, founder of the independent architectural forum Aedes.;

Hans Stimman

A member of the architectural Council of Moscow, in the past – the Chief Architect of Berlin.;

Ma Liang Wei

Vice President and President Town Planner of the Beijing Municipal Institute;

Bertrand Lemoine

Architect, research director at CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research);

Jordi Ludevid i Anglada

President of the Supreme Council of boards of architects of Spain (СSAE);

Martin Joseph Barry

Founder of reSITE in Prague, Associate at W Architecture in New York, specializing in city embankments;

Alfonso Vegara

Founder and president Fundacion Metropoli