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Submit your ideas for a revolutionary new eco-bottle to the Cause Bottle ChallengeApril 6th, 2015

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GRABCAD and international NGO Heroes Too launched the Cause Bottle Challenge, a design competition that seeks an eco-friendly stainless-steel water bottle design unlike any other. Open to designers from around the world, the contest will distribute $1,750 in cash prizes to the top ten winners; the proceeds of each bottle will be used to fund various Heroes Too environmental efforts and social causes of the designer’s choosing. The Cause Bottle is part of a global movement to conserve natural resources and inspire people to rethink their environmental impact.

April 6th, 2015

April 6th, 2015



Prizes for TOP 10 places.

1st place

$500 cash

2nd place

$400 cash

3rd place

$300 cash

4th place

$200 cash

5th place

$100 cash

6th - 10th place

$50 cash


See competition website for more details.


Benjamin Lau

Co-founder, G.O.D. Ltd.

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Heroes Too

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Chairman, Hong Kong Designers Association

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Director, Headwind Group

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Director, LIM Design Works Ltd.

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Director, James Law Cybertecture International Ltd.

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Communication Strategist

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Community Manager at GrabCAD