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Submit Your Sustainable Designs to the Blue Award 2012 and Win Up to 20k Euros!February 1st, 2012

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Calling all eco-minded architecture students! Now in its second year, the Blue Award 2012 is calling for students to submit their best sustainable designs that underscore and support architectural efforts in hot and dry climates around the world. Organized by the Department for Spatial and Sustainable Design from the Vienna University of Technology, the competition awards projects addressing the topic of sustainability in the academic fields of architecture, regional planning and urbanism. A cash prize of 20,000 Euros will be divided by the jury among the top submission in each of the three categories. All submissions will be due February 1st 2012. Start developing your ideas today!

February 1st, 2012

February 1st, 2012



20,000 Euros


The Blue Award 2012 will be handed out in three categories.

The Blue Award 2012 will particularly emphasize and support architectural efforts in hot and dry climates. Projects located in crisis areas and in areas environmentally threatened will be given special consideration. This, however, forms no grounds for exclusion or discrimination of projects that deal with other topics in sustainability.

Participants can submit projects in the following three categories:
Category 1 - Urban Development and Transformation, Landscape Development
Category 2 - Ecological Building
Category 3 - Building in Existing Structures


Honorary President of the Jury Architect Sir Michael Hopkins Jury Members Arch. Albert Dubler Member of the UIA, represented by its Vice President Arch. Dominique Gauzin-Müller Journalist of architecture and specialist for sustainability Prof. Rudolf Scheuvens Professor of Regional Planning, TU Vienna Arch. Dominique Alba Urban Planner and Director of Pavillon de l´Arsenal Paris Arch. Nikos Fintikakis Architect and Director UIA work program ARES Presider and Moderator of Jury (not entitled to vote) Dr. Robert Korab Information No person from the organizational staff is to participate in the jury. The preliminary evaluation is to be carried out by an assigned team of examiners.