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The Architectural League Prize for Young Architects + Designer: It’s DifferentFebruary 11th, 2011

Young architects and designers are invited to submit work to the annual Architectural League Prize competition. Projects of all types, either theoretical or real and executed in any medium, are welcome. The jury will select work for presentation in public fora, an on-line installation, podcasts, and in an exhibition in late spring 2011.

The Architectural League Prize is an annual competition, series of lectures, and exhibition organized by the Architectural League and its Young Architects & Designers Committee. The Prize (formerly known as the Young Architects Forum) was established to recognize specific works of high quality and to encourage the exchange of ideas among young people who might otherwise not have a forum.

February 11th, 2011

February 11th, 2011



Winners will receive a cash prize of $1,000, as well as an additional stipend for travel and exhibit installation determined at set levels based on the applicant’s proximity to New York. A catalogue of winning work will be published by the Architectural League and Princeton Architectural Press.


Entrants must submit as individuals or as a group of individuals. If the individual(s) is/are the sole principal(s) of a firm, the firm name will be listed as a winner as well. Entrants must submit work done independently; no work done as an employee of a firm, where the entrant is not a principal or partner, is eligible for submission. Entrants must be within ten years of graduation of either an undergraduate or graduate degree. Students undertaking advanced studies beyond a first professional degree are eligible to apply; however, no student work completed for any academic program or degree is eligible for submission. Educators may not include work done in their studios or for their teaching. Past Young Architects Forum winners are ineligible. If only one partner of a firm is eligible, he or she can enter as a single entrant. He or she must include a signed document from all other partners outlining the collaborative nature of the work and the firm will not be listed asa recipient of the Prize. Collaborative work between unrelated firms or individuals is eligible if the partnership is equal and any project with collaborators must include a signed document from the other collaborator(s) outlining the collaborative nature of the work. Collaborative work will be considered within the context of an individual’s complete portfolio.

The competition is open to residents, who need not be citizens, of the United States, Canada, and Mexico only—residency must be met six out of the twelve months preceding the portfolio deadline. There is no restriction on where submitted projects, speculative or built, are located.

The competition theme is given as a basis for young architects and designers to reflect upon and reevaluate their work. A written statement not to exceed 250 words is requested, which defines and considers the work under the rubric of the competition theme. Significant weight is given to how an applicant’s work addresses the theme.

A single portfolio, which may include several projects, must be bound and no larger than 11″ x 14″. The portfolio may not contain more than thirty double-sided pages. CDs, models, slides, and transparencies will not be accepted. Entries must be received at the League office by 5 p.m. February 11, 2011 or postmarked by that date.

The Architectural League
of New York
594 Broadway, Suite 607
New York, New York 10012

Each entrant must submit an entry fee of $25. Entrants may submit cash or a check payable to “The Architectural League of New York.”


Michael Manfredi, Thom Mayne, Hilary Sample, Annabelle Selldorf Ken Smith, Lonn Combs, Phu Hoang, Aleksandr Mergold