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Towards an Urban Ecosystem: Visions of a Sustainable CityFebruary 15th, 2011

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Pursuing design through an educational institution may not fit within your current financial standing, so this year IED Rome has put out a “call for visions” to allocate scholarships for the “Master in Environmental Design” in collaboration with the National Institute of Architecture (IN/ARCH). The “TOWARDS AN URBAN ECOSYSTEM: Visions of a Sustainable City” competition invites young architects and graduates to reflect collectively on the issue of a new ecology for urban development by formulating visions, ideas or design proposals for the redevelopment of their own city. The competitions aims to accomplish this through three simple digital cards that can travel on a global level to tell the world how our cities could be different, more beautiful, more effective and more in balance with the rest the planet.

February 15th, 2011

February 15th, 2011



First Prize :A 100% scholarship will be awarded for the tuition fee of the Master in Environmental Design. Second Prize: A 50% scholarship will be awarded for the tuition fee of the Master in Environmental Design.


Eligible individuals must be undergraduate and/or graduate students (in architecture, urban design, engineering, or related disciplines) and/or young professionals under 35 years of age.

REQUIRED MATERIALS To participate, each candidate must send to IEDrome 3 cards in digital format which should express three possible visions: three design proposals for a re-urbanization of your city. The visions can be very abstract or have a real and practical character. They may focus on a small or large scale intervention. They may be three distinct images or three views of the same idea (three points of view, three different scales, three variants,etc.). The proposals may be based on a real image (a photograph) or on an envisioned design. The only common denominator is the interpretation of the proposed theme, the ecology of urban development, and the digital format specified


The evaluation commission will be composed of Alberto Iacovoni (Director of IED Rome), Marialuisa Palumbo (Master Coordinator), Massimo Locci (Secretarial Coordinator of IN/ARCH) and of the professors in charge of the Master in Environmental Design: Mauro Annunziato (ENEA), Luca Galofaro (IaN+) and Lorenzo Romito (Stalker).