Yes this does look like it might have been “inspired” (to put it lightly) by Ray Eames’ famous Walnut Stools ? but the ability to inject your profile into the object’s design is enough of a twist to make these Turn Your Head “Pirolettes” worth mentioning.

I’m sure these will be making their way onto my holiday gift list, someday. Its just such a clever idea ? its hard to resist. Certainly beats the generic portrait, or plaster-cast baby-footprint in terms of both utility and uniqueness. And at $150 a pop, it’s quite a bit cheaper than the Eames Walnut Stool, if not quite as elegant.

Available for $150 dollars from Turn Your Head

If you like the idea of turning a profile into an object d’art, but can’t bear the thought of anyone knocking off the beloved Eameses, Radidesign has a similar type of design object in the shape of Ray Eames’ profile.

Via Core77