Inspired by his childhood fascination with globes, designer Ron Miriello has created a remarkable array of miniature worlds made almost entirely from found objects. The designer recently exhibited 50 sculptures from his “100 Worlds Project” in addition to accompanying photographs at the JETT Gallery in San Diego.

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Miriello is a graphic designer by trade and the founder of his own firm — Miriello Grafico — but he started making globes from found materials as a hobby. Miriello uses a remarkable array of materials to create his miniature worlds — broom handles, pencils, street signs, book pages, wire, steel – even his son’s art box. For this exhibition, he asked welders, graphic designers, printers, artisans and craftsman to help design and assemble the globes. Photographers were asked to take interpretive photographs of each of the pieces, which have been self-published into a coffee table book as well.

The sculptures, and the project as a whole, represents the community that came together to make each one. Miriello also has planned to give back to the community, donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of his book to the San Diego Brain Tumor Foundation.

The show runs until March 26th, and the book is available online.

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