Designer Sasufi has given a series of reclaimed wooden doors a new life as part of a stylish and green interior belonging to a cute patisserie located in Melbourne, Australia. The idea behind By Josephine’s new look was to create a homage to the traditional nineteenth century French cafe while transforming discarded doors into modern interior paneling with clean lines. The reclaimed wood was first arranged in a patchwork formation, and Sasufi then painted them white to create a unified and contemporary design.

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Sasufi, or Anne-Sophie Poirier, arranged brightly colored brands and packaging on the shelves and display cupboards that were built into and around the panels. She also lined a low counter-top with white painted doors to make room for even more food and products. In contrast to the stark wood, glass cabinets show off a whole host of colorful and delicious cakes and macaroons.

The patisserie follows the same train of thought as her Slowpoke cafe design, in which she covered a 12 meter-long wall in timber off-cuts.

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Images courtesy of Sasufi