Industrial design duo Leander Angerer and David Ross have redesigned a late Victorian-era staircase over three stories in a private home in northwest London for Cathal McAteer, founder of Folk Clothing. Reusing the existing joinery, Angerer and Ross have converted an exquisite Victorian staircase into a contemporary, light and musical structure by replacing the banisters with tennis racket strings.

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Apart from providing a visual experience, these tennis strings can be strummed along the way, adding some zest to the mundane routine of climbing stairs. We love how the details have been meticulously executed, from the high gloss epoxy floor paint which creates a continuous pure white ribbon from top to bottom to the blue strings at the bottom to match the azure border on the floor.

Speaking of meticulous attention to detail, every part of this project wascompleted by hand, including the more than 1,000 holes drilled at precise distances from each other into which half a kilometer of tennis racket string was woven. Integrating music into our daily life is an intriguing concept, and it definitely strikes the right notes. We would love to see the application of this musical staircase in public buildings.

+ Leander Angerer

+ Davis Ross

Photos by Colin Ross