Two young designers from Turin have created Deformazione Professionale – a line of clever new furnishings made from old unwanted doors. Founders of Studio Lacrime D’Arte, Valentia and Riccardo Sartori have created a bookshelf and a chaise lounge by recycling a total of four doors. The doors take on new functionality and a fresh look while keeping their characteristic traits – the handles and locks are retained.

Valentia and Riccardo Sartori have realized a hidden potential in old doors, and how its minimalist straight lines can be used as a basis of forming contemporary furniture. These doors are cut by hand and shaped into the desired forms. The bookshelf is made of two varnished doors, with the handles and locks intact, using pieces of a third one for support. The chaise longue on the other hand, is cut out of only one door, complemented with a leather seat and antique oak stand.

+ Lacrime d’Arte
Images courtesy of Vito Magnanini