Designers Op-En want to transform the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, into the world’s tallest art installation. Called EXO-BURJ, the design team’s project would involve wrapping the 2,717 foot structure in a giant envelope of transparent clear material that would emulate the Burj’s reflective façade. The proposal comes just after the management announced that air conditioning and elevator service could be shut down due to thousands of dollars of unpaid service fees.

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Op-En’s plan would transform the already popular tourist attraction into an interactive piece. The super-light material would reflect the urban landscape around it, reflections that would be visible from afar. Up close, the installation would take on a new experience, reflecting the viewer while giving them a view through the translucent architecture. The striking installation would put the designers on the map for creating the largest art installation in history.

EXO-BURJ’s semi-transparent fabric would be suspended from the uppermost spire, draping down around the skyscraper on all sides. Fan-shaped support structures would cascade down the building’s façade to keep the fabric taut and in place.

Although their project is still in the early stages of development, Op-En has not disclosed just how much it would cost. They also have yet to address the issue of safety, or the effect a giant reflective skin over the world’s largest building would have on birds, air traffic or if reflection of the sun could pose a danger to passersby.

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Via Huffington Post