In the midst of our cries over environmental destruction and lessons in at-home chemistry, it seemed about time for a brief return to designs that highlight the simple pleasures in life. Above are two designs that focus on food as the inspiration for innovation.

The Lunar Design cake plate is a tasteful combination of ingenuity and humor. With a perfect compartment for a generous wedge of cake, and a handy holder for the candle, the plate “solves the age-old problem of where to put the candle once the song is over.” Sometimes the simplest quandaries spark design genius.

The Food Experience from Alto Design reminds me of the “three bowl” style of traditional Japanese dining. The multiple sizes and stackability give a sense of cohesion and order to a meal. Alto’s material combination of wood and ceramic is both clean and organic, with stainless steel utensils adding a modern accent.

Call me compulsive, but I have specific preferences about which foods I like to eat from certain dishes. Presentation, portion and even the weight and color of dishware all influence the total dining experience. Someday I’ll eat a meal on the Alto dish set and finish it off with dessert on the Lunar cake plate – the dream dining experience of the obsessively orderly.

Lunar Design
Alto Design