It’s clear that designer Rebecca Asquith was inspired by the beauty of a beehive when she designed the aptly named Nectarhanging lamp that will debut at the Milan Furniture Fair next week. Made of 100% durable polyester, each pendant lamp is fully recyclable! In honey inspired crèmes and oranges, the Nectar collection pays tribute to nature in both form and process.

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Honeycomb is not only delicious, but structurally sound, and this hexagonal design was adapted to make Nectar Lamps just as sturdy. Asquith uses a lightweight UV stabilized polyester over paper, as it is resistant to fading, ripping and fraying, and is easy to clean to boot. Production waste is kept to an absolute minimum as the parts are laser or die cut from a pattern with each component close together to minimize off-cuts. The few off-cutsare sent to the manufacturer to be recycled. Each Nectar lamp is also flat packed, reducing packaging material and cost of transport.

Unlit, the Nectar Lamps act as a hanging organic sculpture, evocative of pods, underwater creatures and hives. At night, the warm glow makes the hive come alive, honey hues casting a comforting light and showcasing the geometrical structure. We look forward to seeing Nectar and other exciting designs at the Milan Furniture Fair.

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