Designer Tim Wigmore from New Zealand’s designtree is presenting an intelligent way to use discarded materials and industrial off-cuts in combination with 100% recycled aluminum during this week’s Milan Furniture Fair. The Salvage Stool explores a mixture of old and new processes such as turned timber and highly crafted and finished aluminum to create a unique piece of green design. If you’ve got a bunch of mismatched furniture pieces that you don’t know what to do with, you’ll want to read on for some inspiration.

The clever construction of the Salvage Stool clamps timber legs between open aluminum grills and tightly fixes them together with three stainless steel bolts. This allows the stool to be flat packed, minimizing packaging size and materials. It is also easy to assemble, taking around 5 minutes to put together with an allen-key provided with its components.

The legs for the Salvage Stool are recycled from local woodshops and junkshops, which give a special character to the design valuing the old, the worn and the discarded. Since the base allows multiple designs of legs to fit, the height of the stool may vary as well.

Designtree is a design studio based in New Zealand that focuses on designing pieces that age gracefully and resist obsolescence while reflecting a deep respect for the environment. The Salvage Stool is a proof of this commitment.

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