This week we’ve brought you the hottest new electric vehicles from the Detroit Auto Show, but one beauty that really caught our eye is Li-Ion Motors’ Inizio electric supercar. One of the world’s first all-electric racers, the Li-Ion can hit a top speed of 170 MPH and boasts a range of 250 miles. We’ve covered the Inizio prototype in the past, and now we’re excited to break the news that this gorgeous piece of engineering is now going into production! Jump ahead for all the specs and some exclusive pictures, straight from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

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Currently, the Inizio’s 12-pack battery system is able to generate a power output of more than 40kW (with a potential upgrade up to 96.7kW), with an electric motor delivering 145kW. The vehicle features an impressive 0-60 speed of just 3.4 seconds, and it can take you for a 250 mile spin on just a single charge.

Last year, Li-ion Motors won first prize in the Automative X competition with its Wave II vehicle and the company is now using the $2.5 million cash prize to make its products commercially available. After getting DOT approval on their built-by-hand platform, Li-ion hopes to release the vehicle on the market July of next year and they are already taking pre-orders in anticipation. Initial production is expected to eventually reach somewhere around 15,000 units per year, and the price tag being pinned to this beauty currently hovers upwards of $139,000.

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