3D printing has yielded some amazing products, like robohands and prosthetic legs, but now Dewar’s has discovered a whole new way to print in 3D. The whiskey maker recently enlisted the services of 80,000 honey bees to “print” a Dewar’s bottle out of honeycomb! They’re calling it the 3B project, and they’re using it to promote the launch of their new Highlander Honey whiskey.

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The project involves thousands of bees and some plastic molds in which the bees form their honeycomb. Once they have finished their work, the molds are opened, revealing a fully-formed shape. The molds include the Dewar’s bottle and a sculpture of a man – and the bees seem all too happy to create their honeycomb sculptures to these specifications.

Fans can follow the project through Dewar’s Facebook page, where a documentary of the project will be posted soon.

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Via Fast Co Create