D*Haus, the ultra-innovative company behind the the first dynamic house in the world, is set to launch a kickstarter campaign on April 3 to raise funds for the development of their two flagship products, the D*Dynamic home and the D*Table home furnishing. Their shape-shifting products are based on a mathematical theory by Henry Ernest Dudeny, which explains how to compose a perfect square using equilateral triangles.

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The D*Table is, in essence, a 3D puzzle that also function as a flexible and adaptable coffee or side table. In keeping with Dudeny’s mathematical theory, the table can turn from a perfect 28inch x 28inch square into a perfect 47inch x 47inch x 47inch triangle with several shape possibilities in between. The four components of the D*Table assembly are named after four colors – Red, Yellow, Blue and Green. Each components comes with a unique set of shelves, drawers or slots making them work individually or as a unit.

The D*Dynamic is based on the same principles as the D*Table, but on a larger scale. The shifting shape of the D*Dynamic serves to make it adaptable to different climates, seasons and even times of day. It mimics nature and has the ability to fold in on itself in the winter and open up in the summer. It is designed to be in a square formation with small windows and high thermal mass in the winter. And it is meant to open up during the summer, where the thick heavy external walls become internal walls and where the glass internal walls become glass facades, letting in daylight and views. With its flexibility and different possible shapes, the D*Dynamic is really eight houses in one. It provides eight different possible forms from just one adaptable and flexible unit.

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