Apple has been hush-hush about its rumored electric car project, but company execs may not be able to keep quiet much longer. The Guardian reports documents obtained through a public record request prove the iPhone giant is working on a self-driving electric vehicle and that the project is so far along the company needs a place to test drive it. The documents reveal a conversation with GoMentum Station, a former Navy weapons site near San Francisco that is being transformed into a high-security testing area for self-driving cars. We don’t think Apple is looking to test a new cell phone or music player there, so Project Titan, as it’s been called, just has to be real.

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Communication between Apple and GoMentum Station suggests Apple is scouting the site for a possible testing ground for its electric car technology. The Guardian didn’t publish the documents, but included excerpts in its report that show Apple’s interest in the location. Frank Fearon, an Apple engineer, wrote to GoMentum that “We would… like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it],” according to the publication.

GoMentum has 20 miles of paved roadway on a 5,000-acre site, so it’s perfect for secret testing of experimental vehicles. Honda has already put its self-driving prototypes on the roads there, so it makes sense that such a location would also appeal to a company like Apple.

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Previously, evidence of an Apple car project was largely speculative, with some strong indications something was in development, even if nobody really knew what it was. Earlier this year, Apple defended an employee-poaching lawsuit against a battery maker, which seemed like proof positive some kind of electric vehicle project was underway. Most recently, Apple signed on even more automotive experts, leading tech world followers to conclude Project Titan is really a thing. With these new documents coming to light, it doesn’t seem like the folks at Apple can deny it much longer.

Come on, Apple. We can handle it. Tell us you’re working on an iCar already!


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