Architect Didier Faustino’s imaginative “Big Bang” house is a dynamic building that appears to explode outwards from a central point. Designed for French developer Christian Bourdais’ Solo Houses project, the dream house is made up of a cluster of rectilinear volumes that are capped with glazed glass skylights. The fantastical Casa Faustino home is scheduled to be constructed in Matarrana, Spain along with 11 other architect-designed vacation homes.

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Each of Casa Faustino’s bursting volumes frames different facets of the idyllic Spanish landscape and sky, celebrating the natural environment. Inside, each volume serves as a different living space. The rooms are staggered in platforms and connected to each other by a series of staircases. Each of the arms directs light to the center of the house, and the interior reflects light to reduce the need for artificial lighting.

The rooms range from small private areas for solitary contemplation to larger living areas for the whole family to enjoy the view together. While the windows connect the exterior to the interior visually, the first-floor swimming pool connects the indoors to the outdoors physically, allowing inhabitants to swim right into the yard.

The Big Bang house is one of twelve fantasy vacation homes that Bourdais asked architects to design for the Spanish landscape, with no limitations or rules.

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