You might think that the life of your flip-flop is over once the strap snaps, but Rotterdam-based designer Diederik Schneemann knows better. He gathers flip-flops that have traveled far and wide before landing on the East African shores of the Indian Ocean and turns them into a collection of foam shoes recycled into stunning art objects. He is now telling his ‘Flip Flop Story’ at Salone di Mobile in Milan – read on for more details.

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These flip-flops are worn and torn, patched up, tossed away or lost, and then eventually arrive via the Indian Ocean in East Africa by the armful. Diederik Schneemann then converts them into colorful lamps and vases that also pack a powerful environmental message. If you are in Milan, look up Schneemann, and get an up-close look at this beautiful collection of eco-art.

+ Studio Schneemann

+ Milan Furniture Fair

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