Talk about a closed loop! Artist Amy Youngs has created a table that allows you to compost your dinner scraps without even leaving the table. Whatever you don’t eat, the bacteria, sowbugs and worms will comsume for you. Simply lift the lid in the center of the table and dump it in, and they’ll go to work. And when the critters are done, a rich compost squeezes right out the bottom like a loamy frosting for the plants at the base. Rather than staring at the tv while you eat, you can watch the LCD screen fit into the top of the table. An infrared camera will send images of the entire process for your viewing and digestive pleasure.

Constructed of FSC certified wood and stained with red cabbage, and, incredibly, worm compost tea, the piece almost seems to be a caricature of eco-earnestness. Like something you would see on a Saturday Night Live skit. I think, though, that the artist is sincere in her intentions and that the system is meant as a memento mori, placing us and our technology within the cycle of life.

Via treehugger