Digging Deeper: Building Blocks for Sustainable Design is an exciting competition that partners designers with the City of San Francisco to tackle real urban problems and find viable solutions. Launched in late September, the competition challenges designers from every field to design a physical or social urban agriculture product/system. If you have ideas for how to design and implement real-life solutions that provide local food to urban areas, act quickly because the deadline is January 31st!

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The Digging Deeper competition is split into two parts and welcomes designers of all kinds. Part 1: Inspiration and Approach is a call to action for those familiar with product, graphic, and interaction design, architecture, planning and entrepreneurs. Part 2: The Competition Problem Statement is outlined by Astrid Haryati, the Greening Director for the Office of the Mayor of San Francisco, who walks through the current problems and design opportunities with locally grown food.

For more information and competition entry details, check out the Digging Deeping Competition Entry Form and visit the Digging Deeper Site.

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