The deer population has definitely gotten completely out of control in the design world lately. Product design firm Fly-pitcher has created such a fun take on the traditional cuckoo clock, though, that you’ll have to forgive us if we fall for the antlered motif just one more time (you do, however, have a choice –- the line also includes squirrel, swallow, chalet and ornate version).

squirrel and ornate clocks

Piers Mansfield, creative director of Fly-pitcher, says that the firm is “mainly interested in applying new materials and techniques to the manufacturing process as well as using existing techniques in innovative ways.”

The Digital Stag certainly fulfills those goals. Each is cut from composite board made from recycled materials and smoothed over with a thin layer of sustainably managed rosewood. As shown, the clock plugs into the wall. The designers are currently experimenting with a battery powered version which flashes the time every minute and then switches into power save mode.

The clocks debuted two years ago at the Salon Satellite where they caused quite a stir in the design press. They were back again this year with an updated version which features a smoked glass mirror face. We, of course, much prefer the classic, more environmentally-savvy model.

At one point a larger scale manufacturing deal seemed all but assured. But after two years of development, the deal fell through. Fly-pitcher currently produces the clock in batches of 150 and does sell internationally. The firm “would love to hand it over to a manufacturer eventually, now that we know the product has legs.” (Anyone? Anyone?) You may also purchase individual clocks directly.