You may soon be able to wash your smart phone with good old fashioned soap and water. Japanese telecom firm KDDI and Kyocera have been busy working on the “Digno Rafre phone,” which users can scrub-a-dub with suds. With waterproof phones already on the market, KDDI is developing the washable phone geared toward parents needing to effectively keep their phones clean from their kids’ grubby hands- or phone addicts who can’t part with their gadgets at bath time.

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The folks behind the Digno Rafre envision a world where your trusty side kick- your phone– can be close by in a myriad of scenarios- like cooking, cleaning, and even in the bath. Incorporating phone-time with bath-time is even emphasized by a special phone holder- appropriately shaped like a rubber duck. But Rafre can also hop in the bath with you, to wash off bacteria and other grime that happen when you bring your phone everywhere with you.

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Aside from being totally scrub-able, the Rafre also claims to have a touch panel that works when wet, or when touched by soapy hands. The phone also features a Smart Sonic Receiver by Kyocera, which provides incredible audio without a speaker- which would otherwise get waterlogged.

Like other smart phones, the Rafre includes a 13 megapixel camera, 5 inch 720 p display and a 3,000mAh batter. For now, the washable phone will just be available in Japan, at a competitive price of around $465.

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