They say you can’t polish a turd, but Dindita N. 1 begs to differ. The design company is now offering a line of unique decorations made with gilded, organic goat poop. Covered in 23K gold dust, the phials of goat poop nuggets are enough to fertilize your plants for one season, while also serving as decoration before use.

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We’ve seen poop being used as innovative renewable energy, and even made into toilets, but painting pieces gold surely takes the cake. Dindita N. 1 harvests dried, unprocessed manure from domestic goats on organic farms in their original “nugget” forms and then some of these poop pellets are covered with real gold powder. To add to the design aesthetic, they are grouped with “natural” colored nuggets into an elegant glass case, which can be displayed like a sculpture or center piece.

Each kit comes with seven nuggets, which can be used to fertilize three plants for one growing season. If you choose to use the nuggets rather than displaying them as a poop trophy piece, just crumble a few and mix it in with your favorite plant’s soil at the start of the season. The remainder of the seven nuggets can either be displayed, or laid on the dirt’s surface for added décor.

The Swiss design company is producing only a limited run of their golden poop vials, which they are calling “elegant manure.” A set of seven will set you back $50.

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