Have you dreamed of owning your own living dinosaur, but just haven’t been able to find the space or time (or dinosaur)? Don’t worry, your dreams are about to come true. Meet BioPop’s Dino Pet, the glow-in-the-dark, living dino for adventurers of all ages. Technically, Dino Pet isn’t actually breathing, but he is filled with dinoflagellates and – with a little bit of light, food and a playful shake – you and your kids can keep Dino Pet alive and happy while enjoying the amazing natural glow.

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BioPop wanted to create a sustainable light, so they started playing around with dinoflagellates, which are bioluminescent plankton. They found that these plankton can live happily inside a container, but they require too much movement to be an everyday light. So instead, they decided that the idea would make the coolest pet since Sea Monkeys hit the scene.

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We first wrote about Dino Pet a year ago when the BioPop team was looking for Kickstarter funding to launch the little living light. Now the light-producing pet is a reality and you can finally order one of your own, er, I mean, one for your child. And if having a pet dinosaur wasn’t enough, you can use the Dino Pet to help teach kids about responsibility – since a dim dino is a sad dino – while providing fun and sustainable entertainment at the same time.

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