Artefacting Mumbai Art Exhibit: Immersion Into Dharavi, the Engine that Runs Mumbai

Date & Time

START: 10:00 AM October 15, 2011
END: 8:00 PM November 6, 2011


Created by Alex White-Mazzarella, Arefacting Mumbai is an extraordinary art exhibition, combining photography, installation sculpture, paintings, and short video and sound. Artefacting Mumbai is a collaborative effort comprising of artists, urbanists, and environmentalists who had immersed themselves in Dharavi, giving art classes to at-risk children. In the words of the creators, “using art and documentation, the projects intentions are to counter damaging and marginalizing stigmas that are directed towards Dharavi and countless other informal settlements and marginalized peoples.”

Artefacting Mumbai is a “sensory-rich multi-media experience” that explores, through art, an exhibition of the streets and the characters of Dhvaravi, using recycled material for art installation pieces, and various mediums, to explore the profound depth of the slums of India.

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