Cayuga Pure Organics at Brooklyn Kitchen

Date & Time

START: 4:00 PM February 19, 2012
END: 6:00 PM February 19, 2012


Join Cayuga Pure Organics for a “To Your Mouth!” series where the company invite the producers of the great products they sell into the Brooklyn Kitchen to speak and teach about how their product makes it from field to mouth. In this edition, Cayuga welcome farmers Thor Oechsner and Erick Smith. Between them, they grow most of the goods found under the Cayuga label in stores and at Greenmarkets around the city.

On 600 acres, Thor grows Wheat, Rye, Corn (which becomes Polenta), Emmer (Known as Farro in Italy) and other grains. He’ll speak about what it takes to get these products to grow, and how they come to market. Erick founded Cayuga Pure Organics in 2003 and helps provide Farmer Ground Flour as well as the many varieties of beans sold by CPO

Snacks made from their products and beer from the Brooklyn Brewery will be provided. The event is free, but RSVP is required. RSVP here.

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