Designers & Agents Trade Show

Date & Time

START: 9:00 AM May 2, 2011
END: 7:00 PM May 4, 2011


Designers & Agents is an independent, international trade fair for over 1000 collections and thousands of retailers who define the cutting edge in fashion and life style. Each of D&A’s Spring and Fall shows in Los Angeles and New York — which attract around 3,000 retail and media visitors — are pre-edited, art-directed, and merchandised to create a sense of camaraderie and discovery. D&A strives to identify emerging talent and create an intimate, synergistic environment that fosters relationships between designers and buyers.

D&A firmly believes in eco-friendly fashion. During every show, they offers the Green Room, a space specifically for designers who create their products with sustainable methods. D&A launched a Green Initiative in 2007, which has grown from an eco-conscious showcase to dozens of green vendors and artists interspersed among the show’s hundreds of presenting designers. D&A also practice eco-minded habits at its shows through improved recycling, biodegradable catering supplies, and green cleaning supplies.

Pre-registration is available for visitors, but it is not required to attend the show.

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