eBay Instant Sale Event at the Ainsworth

Date & Time

START: 6:00 PM March 27, 2012
END: 9:00 PM March 30, 2012


With eBay’s Instant Sale site, you can easily sell back your used gadgets so they can either be resold or recycled. To celebrate the site, eBay is hosting a special Instant Sale event at Ainsworth in Chelsea. Bring your old gadgets, try your hand at the interactive slot machine (everyone wins!), and walk away with an eBay gift card!

From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Friday, March 30, Instant Sale will take over the Ainsworth bar with its massive interactive slot machine. The game brings to life the Instant Sale site, creating a fun, green way for you to trade in your old tech toys. Not only will you walk away with a gift card good for $5 to $100, but there are happy hour specials for drinks and food, too.

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